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Will a Tactical Solutions or Volquartsen 10/22 style receiver fit in a ModShot Stock?

-Yes, ModShot's were designed to accept all popular brands of 10/22 style receivers, barrels, and trigger group combinations including: Tactical Solutions, Volquartsen, Ruger, Magnum Research, Kidd, and others.

Can I purchase a ModShot Chassis separately and use an AR buffer tube or buttstock?

-Modshot stocks are sold complete and are not compatible with other types of furniture.  The ModShot carbon fiber buttstock tube is a smaller diameter tube than an AR buffer tube and uses a different threaded insert.  The Modshot design goal was to achieve superior ergonomic fit and lightest possible weight through its minimalist design.  As a 10/22 style rifle does not use a buffer tube or mechanism, a smaller diameter carbon buttstock was designed to provide strength and rigidity but reduce weight as compared to that of AR style furniture.  The chassis does accept standard AR style grips such as the Magpul MOE-K or Hogue 15 degree polymer grips.


How much does the stock weigh?

-ModShot stocks weight 1lb 3 oz complete.  Depending on equipment this can yield a complete rifle under 4lbs.


Can I cut the buttstock to length?

-The carbon buttstock tube has proprietary CNC'd aluminum fittings permanently affixed.  However, customers can order custom buttstock tube lengths tailored for any preferred length of pull.  Please just contact us prior to ordering if you would like to order a custom length.  

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