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Ultra lightweight, ergonomic, carbon composite competition 10/22 stocks.
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The ModShot design principle came from a speed shooting (Steel Challenge, Rimfire Challenge) competition environment.  Existing stock offerings lacked adjustment, used bulky AR furniture, and were either too heavy, rattled or flexed, or used poor quality materials.  There were 3 basic design objectives – (1) Minimalist Design, (2) use of Modern Materials, (3) maximize Weight Reduction without sacrificing Rigidity.


  • CNC machined billet aluminum modular 10/22 chassis accepts all standard 10/22 and .9" barrel variants.

  • Carbon Fiber buttstock - 14.25” standard length of pull – 4.4 oz (custom lengths available); removable from modular chassis, adjustable interchangeable butt plate.

  • Ergonomic Carbon Fiber foregrip

  • Adjustable foregrip positioning - adjustable on 5 - ½” positions for length plus horizontal rotation adjustment, or removeable for use hand stop only.

  • Hogue 15 degree polymer grip included

  • Adjustable pistol grip positioning – adjustable on 2 positions for grip to trigger distance to accommodate finger length or finger extension preference.

  • Countersunk takedown screw – aligns receiver and eliminates drift.  10/22 receivers mount with only 1 screw – countersinking the hardware aligns the two parts like a lugnut and wheel where standard applications rely on tightening pressure against a washer to prevent drift.

  • Standard hardware – design included use of standard hardware replaceable in the field at any ACE® hardware - common thread pitch and allen wrench sizing

  • Total weight under 1lb 2.7oz (pistol grip choices and custom ordered lengths may vary slightly).  Complete rifles builds with optics and comps typically weigh in at 3lb 12oz or less. 

  • SRP $499 complete (Custom anodizing or Cerakote® options available as extra)


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